Mozhgan Kermanshahy

I am an Ottawa-based graphic designer; fluent in print and web design as well as branding, Illustration and photography. I consider myself fortunate to be working in a field that I love.

My passion for art began at an early age and eventually led me to choose graphic design for my undergraduate studies. Since then, I have been working in the same field. This gave me the opportunity to keep exploring the many aspects of this fascinating domain, which encompasses communications, art, and technology components.

I am a creative and strategic thinker, which gives me the advantage to create products that abide by any imposed constraints while still having a creative edge. I have a keen eye for details and strong technical abilities.

I also attain a positive attitude and enjoy working with teams or alone when necessary. I have worked on a range of projects from magazine illustrations and children’s books, to building full brands, which were applied on various communication products and exhibit material. I have also worked as a graphic support designer for e-learning and websites; I am comfortable working in both the private and the public sectors.


Bachelor’s degree and 3 year diploma in graphic design

Work experience

Ultimate magazine
Canadian Museum of Science and Technology
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Government of Canada - Transport Canada 2004 to present

I love painting, cooking and home décor. I also enjoy making short movies and music videos.